Passport and ID photographs


Need a passport photograph quickly?

Can't find a local passport photographer?

Can't find a photographer for baby photographs?

Need photos for all the family?

Then look no further.


Passport photographs

I can come to your address, take the photographs and either print them there and then or deliver them to you ready for posting to the UK Passport Office. Alternatatively, you may come to my studio. All photographs guaranteed to conform to the UK government's requirements.


  • A room or conservatory which is well lit with natural light would be ideal (indoor lighting is not suitable).  Alternatively, a clear space in the garden (weather permitting). Camera flash is not permitted by government regulations.
  • For babies a car seat or buggy with a plain, light coloured blanket  is ideal.
  • Avoid brightly coloured clothing.


Four 45mm x 35mm passport photos for £16.00. Second person photos £12. Three or more at £10 each.

Corporate ID photographs

If you need a photograph for a work ID card I will come to your home address or workplace and print photographs to your specific requirements or send them to an email address. Any size from passport size up to A4.

I can supply photographs ID photos for all of your staff supplied on disc in various formats for web, social media, company publications, documents etc. Back-up copies kept online in a secure, password protected folder for download at any time.


  • A room, office or clear space of approx 3m x 3m mininimum. A conservatory with plenty of natural light would be perfect or a restaurant.
  • A mains power socket.


Telephone: 01249 445069

Mobile: 07710 008612

email: [email protected]

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